Employment Opportunities


As a small business in a small but growing community that is open 7 days a week 13 hours per day we look for and depend upon our community not only to support our business with their patronage but also to help staff our business. The quality of our service, the hours of operation and the type, quality and variety of products we can offer directly depends on the commitment of the community to help staff and run this business to the highest standards possible.

While we offer full time positions, most of our employees already have full time jobs or are in school. Pay is based on formal training, verifiable work experience, willingness to follow directions and ability to learn. Entry level employees are encouraged.

We require employees to conduct themselves responsibly and act professionally. Employees are expected to be punctual and work their requested/ scheduled shifts. We generally require employees to work at least 3 shifts per week (especially during summer vacation)and at least 1 weekend shift. While we may hire help for the summer only, priority will be given to those applicants interested in working the whole year.



Positions Available